:loudspeaker: Important Anax Updates

As a result of the massive prune of inactive or stale worlds on Anax, we’ve managed to reduce the world load down to 244, which is a substantial amount. If your map was removed and you do not have a copy of it, contact me through Discord and I may be able to provide you with a copy of the world.

The infrastructure for Anax has been downgraded to 1.8 as the future Operation Ares servers being based in the same 1.8 environment. Any worlds that used 1.9+ materials have been altered to best support those features using 1.8 mechanisms. Additionally, now that we are no longer using Sportbukkit, map making tools such as World Edit and Voxelsniper have the proper support from the server to function correctly. This means features that were previously unstable will be working much better now.

Other notable changes include that all worlds have been made private and worlds will be private automatically when created from now on. The -m flag for the /maps command has also been fixed and shows all the maps you can build in.

Now for the more exciting news.

Anax Is Open To Everyone

Everyone can now join Anax and take advantage of the resources that it provides when making your own maps. This will allow collaboration between players that have donated and those that haven't on Anax which previously wasn't possible. Non-donors automatically have permission to join Anax and do not need to go through an application process, however, there are some limitations.

Non-donors are granted all the regular Anax permissions, however, they have a 0 world limit, meaning that they cannot create worlds. Non-donors will have to be added to a Donator's world before they can start building and using special commands. Donators still have a 3 world limit and this will not be changed.

So, to summarize:

  • Everyone has 0 worlds by default, and
  • Donators get 3 worlds, which they can share with anyone.

You can check how many worlds you have used and have available to you by using /mapcount. If you are new to Anax, check out this quick guide which will set you up with the knowledge you need to get started. Join Anax by connecting to

Why This Way?

Trying to find a sustainable balance between providing the best selection of resources to our map making community and maintaining a server and funding has been quite the challenge. This option was the middle ground. While Anax still favors those that donate to the server, this is a step towards more open collaboration within the map making community.

This is just the next phase of Anax. We have plans and ideas for the future to further improve Anax and the experience it provides, and we are always open to suggestions.

Map Importing Policy

We've been able to import maps created outside of Anax to Anax for quite a while, however, we haven't had a public policy regarding who is eligible and how you can get your worlds imported. You are eligible to have your world imported if:

  1. You have at least 1 unused map slot, and
  2. The world to import is pruned and zipped.

You can check how many worlds you have by doing /mapcount on Anax. You can contact any of the Map Developers in order to get your world imported. Please ask nicely and don't expect it to be imported straight away.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment and we'll try to answer to the best of our abilities.


Senior Map Developers.

It appears as though the updated permissions aren't being applied yet. This means that non-donors are currently unable to join. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

Edit: Should be working as normal now!

me importa mucho la verdad

Puedo compartir mis 3 mapas contigo 🏩:hearteyescat:


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