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Dear community,

Whether you were an active participant, spectator, or staff member, please take a few minutes of your time to give us your feedback on our sixth tournament, Wool-E: feedback form link.

We greatly appreciate your input and want to keep improving our event planning, organization and management.

Thank you!
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Really enjoyed playing this tournament, except for the finals, 7h+ playing shouldnt be a thing, plus eudaldca's mistake, although he s getting overhated

latiku3 did great as streamer :+1:

lol eudaldca getting a lot of hate but i think it would have been nice of him to face the community and apologize instead of having amactus doing it for him :smiley:

el nunca se equivoca, es culpa del pgm

el espiritu santo movio el dedo del chocolatito y le dio al macro de tpall :smirk:

2 things:

1- you ghostbanned a guy for placing blocks too fast for autoclicking in the middle of a match, you let the match continue, we won the match and you still gave the other team the win (like whatever, you don't know about the existance of jitterclick and banned him, but why would you let that match continue if you were gonna go back on your own decision)

2- an error of that magnitude on the middle of the final match is unforgivable. shrew was winning that game and that could've changed the outcome of the whole match

Even if he was autoclicking or not it's pretty sad that they always go for the spanish speaking not as relevant players but the people cheating on top teams never get screenshared or nothin at all heeheeeeeeeee matame

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