Nail Tournament this Sunday July 7th at 6pm ET!

I will be hosting a tournament on Nail, this Sunday, July 7th, at 6pm ET. Please sign up your team using this form and join the tournament discord.

Nail was made by Trazlander and the rest of Whiskey Brigade. Map download is here.

General Info:

-The tournament will start at 6pm ET. Expect the tournament to last 2 to 4 hours.

-All games will be 4v4 and will be played in MC 1.12.

-Matchups will consist of 2 games where each team will have a turn invading and defending. After the 2 games the team who broke the sponge with the most time left on the clock will win.

-If neither team breaks the sponge then 1st tiebreaker is if a team gets a sponge "touch" by breaking a sponge block (even if sponge is replaced). 2nd tiebreaker is whichever team had the most kills in both games combined.

-The tournament will be either double elimination or round robin into single elimination depending on the amount of teams that sign up. A bracket will be posted Saturday night July 6th in the tournament discord.

-I will accept a maximum of 8 teams. Sign-ups will end Saturday night July 6th.

-I have access to 2 servers for the event. Server IPs will be given at the start of the tournament in the discord server.

-I will try to get streamers for the event, but don't count on games being streamed.

-There is no prize pool. I plan to play in my own tournament.

This is dope :+1: hope it goes well & you get solid participation!

I remember this being a mini tournament on OCN, it was immense amounts of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone that is sitting on the fence about playing it.


  remember last time when we were told it was kill prox and you beat my team without getting a kill or touch?

real throwback right there

make this 1.6 before sprint toggle

Last day to sign up

The Discord has a LFT section in it so if you want to play but don't have a team, stop in to the discord!
By the sounds Traz or Rix or both are going to be streaming some of the matches!

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