Opening Art Commissions

enter image description here
Hey! I've had a lot of time on my hands recently and have been getting back into drawing after a good amount of time off. I've decided that I would like to open commissions, if anyone was interested in purchasing any for themselves.

Starting prices

$5 per avatar drawing ($10 with a background)

$30 for 14 person team banner

Everything above 14 = $2.50/ player


Contact: andr#3614

Opening to 15 in line at a time.

currently in line: 0

I will be streaming the commissions as they come at:

make that money my man

these look dope dude ur rly good

That sign was probably painted with the blood of your enemies.

More awesome work by Andruewwwwwwww




I think the 'Impact' text was done by cryptic galaxy

dont buy he drew me doing heroin. he slanders his enemies

i'd love one, will this cover it? :dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar:

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