A balanced matchmaking system?

I think matchmaking could use an upgrade, I've got an idea.

Very often there are players that are hella good at PVP getting placed on one team and the rest on the other. This is unfair because you get one team that will absolutely destroy the other team, making for a very lame and rushed game. I got the player list of a game that had just begun and got all the stats for all the players on each team.
The average KD of each team

As you can see, the blue team's Average KD is higher than the red team's.

Of course, blue won that match:
PixelMix OG Results

Xerocoles had mentioned that a player's KD does not necessarily define their skill, and I agree with him.

So I was just wondering, how could you make a balanced matchmaking system? I would love for you guys to elaborate with me on my idea and pitch some ideas yourself so we can have an overall better experience playing together.

i agree tractorscott sucks

Cross kd with hours played, that should be a bit more precise

without tractor scott blue's kd would be 30

Care to elaborate?

Well, donors will still be able to pick their team, as that's an incentive to donate money to the server. KDR doesn't define skill that well, objectives doesn't ofc either, there's really not a great way to tell. And this would only be for the beginning of a match, midway thru, do they just join the team that would fit best? Because you kinda have to have even player counts too, so midway through it wouldn't take affect half the time (would when it's even player counts i suppose)

You could put something similar to this in effect, but it wouldn't really help that much, due to no clear way of defining skill, and donors and new people being able to choose their team. Some people would hardly ever be on the same team if they both have insane KDR/stats or vice versa, not a big deal, but kinda meh.

But I guess the only thing that would be worse than current state is that depending on how it works, some people may hardly ever be on the same team, or at least for several games straight. If that can be avoided maybe this could be explored to slightly help.

Also it would have to vary per gamemode/map

Should i be using an average or combined KD for my spreadsheet?

Thinking about it more, perhaps combined KD would be better

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