LFM The Last Kingdom

We have around 5-6 players for next TM. Looking for 14.

We need around 2 more defenders w/ atleast 1 person able to sub defend in scrims.

Wea also need a skybridger, an archer tower specialist, and a blockspammer.

Only reqs: Be able to take criticism, Don't be offended and be active. We speak english so if you can't communicate in english, we'll have to discuss.

Add me on discord: jameswarrior56#7430 or my main discord if you have that one. (Dont check discord that often, might take a couple of days before a response).

Thank you for reading this LFM because I put a lot of work into it. :)

update: now need a skybridge extender too

Discord : Yasitz#2343

Intrested Reece#2426

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