how to 𝕱 𝖚 𝖈 𝐤 𝖎 𝖓 𝖌 offend

Hi im qwuiblington and i used to offend a lot. i want to create a series of videos that will help players on stratus learn how to offend. Please like and subscribe and I promise I will do my best to put out high-ish quality educational content.

I will use this thread to update ppl on stratus forums about my content. Use this thread to give me vods to review/give feedback about the content. Also, im not a perfect offender by ANY means whatsoever so any criticism will be taken to help improve the content and my play.

thanks defending was getting boring

crazy how LOGAN PAUL RECORDING SOMEONE DEAD GETS 500MILLION VIEWS while this gets 30... sometimes i just dont know...

never change, qwuib

thanks that was me who said that thing on the tumbnail :D glad you gave some advice i think (havent watched the video yet lmaooo) thumbs up in any case !

This perfectly sums up my daily grind

Well fucking done m8

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