🔴 🎥 [Winners Announced] Conquest Reloaded: Best Clips Competition!


Hello all!

This tournament, we're encouraging users to record their perspective & submit their very best clips! A crazy water drop, a successful one vs four or any wild play... If it looks cool, we'll take it!

Submissions & Rules

  1. Post your top 3 clips below! At least 1 and no more than 3.
  2. They must be your clips, recorded in your perspective, preferably in the 1st person (unless you're the F5 type...). Third person clips must be submitted by the person featuring in them
  3. Upload your clips to YouTube, public or unlisted.
  4. Can't be a Stratus stream Twitch clipping -- it's gotta come from you, chief.
  5. If you can, try to get rid of any music over the clip.
  6. By submitting your clips, you agree to letting us use your content in the tournament Highlight Reel.
  7. Quality must be 720p or higher


You know it... a special panel of ECs & Marketing members get to be the judge of who's a cool kid 😎



  • Prime time in the tournament Highlight Reel
  • Special Twitter post featuring your stand-alone clip 🔥
  • 5 setnext tokens
  • 2-week Nimbus rank
  • Proud mom and bragging perks 💃


  • Pretty good prime time in the tournament Highlight Reel
  • 2 setnext tokens
  • 1-week Nimbus rank
  • Proud shiba 🐕


  • Okay ish prime time in the tournament Highlight Reel
  • 1 setnext token (this is me being nice okay)

Regards & Hype 🚆


- Stratus Events

finna water drop on maps without water buckets 🕶

ill waterdrop w my arrows

Watch me icarus on forge

you want me to post some clips????

i would but staff can't open the server

Id like to submit my 2 hour long middle of the aussie night pre game entertainment, check stratus twitch

my brain hurts

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