Rotation Update #22 Discussion

Heyo, this thread is for discussion about Rotation Update #22.

You can find the spreadsheet draft here

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this below, both on what maps you think shouldn't be added and what maps you think should be added. Also note that mentioning reasons why you think so helps your case more than just saying what you think.

Excluding Micro, the current rotation has 1 rage map in each of the Medium rotation cycles while the others lack any rage maps. Rage is a turn off for many, but others still enjoy it. This rotation we are looking at introducing 1 rage map in Mini, Medium, and Mega, however, they will be placed in the second cycle. This means that while they are still available, they will be playing far less frequently than most other maps.

Some of the newer maps are originally tournament maps being slightly edited to a public variant, and some other maps are being edited quite a bit to make gameplay overall more balanced. You can see what will be edited below on the previously seen maps, and leave your thoughts on this;

  • Rooted: Wool lanes will be deepened, as it used to take hardly any time to mine out the wool lanes and set up an OP defense. We may also edit the defensive tools / anything else that comes to mind.

  • Cargo: The wool lanes will be slightly widened on this one, as well as the area leading up to it above the stairs.

  • Coastline: This map will have quite an extensive revamp, as you can see it will be "Coastline: Redux". There will be no more super super deep sand below the monuments. We will move the monuments to the sides more and put a mini sand wall in between to separate it more, since before people could stand between and easily defend both at once. Will also spice up the aesthetic a bit and probably more things, let us know what you would like to see on this.

  • Ranger Outpost: We will remove some trees and make hills not take ages to capture anymore.

  • Arabia: The side void gaps will no longer be extremely long, which made side pushing very hard early in the game.

(Also please leave suggestions for Medium and Mega Conquest maps, we would be very open to some of those.)

The coastline with the 3 obsidian monuments were the best

I think for this rotation I'll just have the two emerald ones, but since I'm making a Redux variant I'll be sure to make one like that too, and we can see how it plays.

Was anything improved in the Wooled War map? iirc the map placed something like 12th, I'm sure the judges at the time had some notes (maybe in the google drive?) on what would have made the map better.

Personally I thought it was better than 12th, and it's something new. That being said I definitely have some editing ideas to it, that I'll bring up with the authors, since a lot of these maps will be edited over the next week. And none of the MapDev judges seemed to object to it before ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(And if you have a different suggestion then let us know, I was also thinking of putting Java in mega and something else in medium, but not sure)

What map is Java? The map I knew from OCN called Java was a rage blitz map, I can't imagine that's the same?

pls add directrix

a prime example of what not to say

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