opening FREE montage comissions

sup it's me teagod
I like editing very much and therefore i want to make more montages so if anyone wants me to edit theirs hmu
discussing details in private pms

Always look at how many people are in line since a montage can take some while. Also if you are in line and I don't receive your material quickly enough the next person who may have sent their videos faster could swap with your spot so that people are not waiting ages.

🍵Status: opened

🤑Current prize: FREE, shits crazy

📇hmu at my discord: tea#2537 or post yours here

🕰️currently in line:

  • no one :O

📹previous work:

comissions btw

i got jah coin.

it's free bro but if you really wanna give i'd like jah coin

Sure teagod that’d be great, I have 900GB of 30 second clips you could edit into a montage, thanks!

Sounds exactly like my last montage

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