AMA ginie1

Wont be playing mc for a while so might aswell create an ama.

My main ign is ginie1

opinion ginie 1 ?

also who is going to play you when they make the bio pic of you plaing minecraft?


is there anyone you wished you picked up for ram the past 3 tournaments? (ITG, WOOLE, CR)

when’s badlion client coming out for Mac 😀

also any opinion a

Sup Andrew. I think you used to be an ok player overall, jack of all trades type of deal but not super good at anything up until last TM. You're improving rapidly and you are getting really good, just gotta fix your aim with a mousepad and get better internet and you could be top 10 ish on this server. You have good game sense and you give solid comms. As a person you're really cool to speak to and very likeable, I don't think anyone dislikes you if they get to know you, one down side to that is no one can really know what's your real thoughts about stuff. Can't comment on your map making skills.

Johnny sins ofc

Not really tbh. Im quite happy with my players besides like 2-3 in total which I won't name. I would of liked to play with heims and ninyu at some point but that's about it. I would of liked to be able to pick up new players and try to get them good at the gamemodes but it's hard when there's so little time inbetween tourneys, it takes time for players to develop game sense and skill. An example of this is rockaror, atm I think he's becoming such a great player and he keeps getting better but it took him time to do it.

It's in the work actually but not date yet :)

Umm as a player I think you got worst lately actually, at the end of ITG you were much better than now. ATM you seem to be struggling on BATB and I can't blame you. You're still one of the best players on BATB w/ jurjen and mrcookie. I think you need to focus what you want to improve and actually do it. Try to figure out what your role as a player should be and what you're weak at. IMO rock is a lot stronger than you are ATM as a player. As a person you're pretty cool tbh I used to dislike you but my opinion changed. I think it's still cringe that you hold these opinions of past events and people that you've never played with, ect. I think you have potential if you buy a real mouse. I would play with you if rosters were bigger. Overall I hope you turn out great because you put in work and it should reward you for it, maybe you're not putting the work in the right areas.

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top 5 pvpers on stratus:

top 5 stratus players:

top 5 fav maps:

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