Highlights 2

hey guys this is my second montage, these clips are from last tournament which I played with my own team CactusForce, we got 4th, wp all the teams <3

pd: idk that the quality of the video is so bad, just wanted to show u the clips that I during the scrims/tournament sorry :v

quality is bad, maybe you put bitrate too low?

idk i recorded with the same program and i edited with the same program, actually i know that the quality is bad but i liked the clips and i wanted to share them with the people

Y mandas el link con el vídeo ya en el segundo 34 espabilaaaa

The clips were really good, overall good montage

me di cuenta tarde xd, nunca supe hacerlo y lo pase asi por todos lados, tipico de flimbas

Quality isn't bad at all. i like it! :D

it is xd, but ty ericcc

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