17 years ago from today... ([avatar-user:Jexel]'s AMA)

17 years ago on this exact day, I was born in a Beijing Hospital. AMA :cake:

congrats bro

favorite ice cream?


sup bro happy birthday

uhhhh what was your weight when you were born

how old were u when u were born nerd

Are you chinese

sheng ri he zhong qiu jie kuai le

hen lao

how many yue bings have you had this week

honest onion

sup jexel

pringles or doritos

whats a place u want to travel to if expenses werent a factor

bye ejxel

Why are you such a damn weeb?

Why did you step down from mapdev?

What’s you’re favorite sub-Saharan country?


happy birthday M

what's your favorite cake (or pie if you dont like cake)

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