I am arcadeboss

Greetings Stratus People,

I came to Stratus after OCN shut down. Been playing here for about 900 days, so possibly you've seen me around, perhaps while slaying me with a sword, because I pretty much suck at PVP. Well, I've gotten slightly better recently, but most likely you would die to my bow rather than my sword. (A few people seem to get upset about dying by my arrows and start bitching about bow-spamming, but that is confusing to me since most of my bow kills are single shots from a distance.) I enjoy killing CincoDeMayo because he is so damn good, of course he shows me no mercy either. God, someone please tell me how to get that massive knockback...

Anyway, I'm a software developer/tech lead who started programming on an Apple ][+ around age 15. Admined an MC server called for a few years. Now I'm 52 years old with two kids. My son, who is 5, sometimes plays as wildroses (my wife's account) but he is currently banned for spleefing teammates, ha ha. Erm... sorry about that. He even did it to me. I tried to explain the rules, blah blah, but sometimes he's just a mischievous troll. But to Stratus's credit, little wildroses still talks about and misses this server even after being banned for 4 months. (Maybe when he's a little older he can try again.)

In conclusion I'd like to thank everyone for their participation on this server, it is truly awesome. Keep up the good work.


  • I'd like Status to add a new stat for players which tracks the percentage of times that your team wins (only for 2 team games). Even with the PVP suckage, I feel like I sometimes help my team to victory through defense, strategic kills of wool carriers, making staircases up to the enemy skybridge, etc. It's just a stat that shows how much you help your teams, as opposed to only personal achievements.

  • I'd also like to suggest that the server send each player their K/D value for the match, at the end of the match in the chat.

Haha, release the troll!

if youre actually 52 (sorry i cant tell, people can troll sometimes) then im happy to see you play minecraft aha. i heard of very little cases of people at adult age (i mean 30+) that play minecraft, and its always with their kids which is a nice and cool thing to see. i wonder how this dynamic works playing minecraft with your parents lol.

It is true, no trolling.

I've had a lot of fun playing survival with my wife, and teenage daughter in years past. She was actually the one who helped me find this server, I think, but she got older and doesn't play much now. But my son is a MC freak since about age 4.

That’s crazy that you’re 52, never thought you were that old tbh. Hope you keep having fun here.

I don't enjoy being killed :C

In all seriousness though, glad to see you're enjoying the server. It's not often I see players your age around since most of us are youngsters. Maybe I can teach you the ways of knockback...

Thanks Edwurd. I feel like playing is not only fun, but helps keep my mind and reflexes sharp, not that you could tell that from my stats.

Thanks Cinco. Plus, I promise no targeting, lol.

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