What are we doing?


People have been asking — what are we doing? Do we actually work on stuff? Or do we sit in the staff discord, eat snacks, and make fun of Luigi?

It's a good question. We've never really told people what we're working on. I'm going to try to change that.

I'll post every single Stratus thing I ever do here. Some of it will be boring. Some of it will be vague. Some of it will be a secret. But it'll all be here.

This is mostly from the last 2 days, since my memory doesn't extend beyond that. Some of it is from earlier this week though.

This doesn't include stuff other people are doing, unless I did it with them. For example, Shiny has put in a ton of dev work on some of the projects listed here.

Also note I am in school, so I don't do much developing right now. It's both time consuming & tiring, so I'm holding off on it until this summer, when I graduate.

Things I did:

  • All staff meeting. Discussed pretty much everything. Some marketing thing is happening as a result, but I'm not sure if it's a secret & I'm not involved, so no details here. Overall lots of good & helpful ideas from the staff team.
  • A pre-staff-meeting meeting. Very short, we just wrote the agenda & made fun of Luigi.
  • Discussed some internal staff stuff.
  • Snuck into an EC meeting about the next tournament, even though I'm not an EC, to see what was going on.
  • Had a meeting about a secret (V) project.
  • Met with another ranked about getting our plugin set up for them
    • Bought a server for them
    • Worked with Shiny to set up the server for them
    • The server didn't work
    • Asked for a refund
    • Looked for other servers
    • Bought another server
    • Worked with Shiny to get the server set up
    • Worked by myself to break the server
    • Shiny fixed it
    • Explained to them various commands
  • Got automatic deployments set up to event3, and some of our ranked partners. This doesn't mean much for you guys, but I love it. Now, when someone tells me to edit a config file (which happens every week) I can do it once instead of 13 times
  • Gave admins & ranked managers permission to edit the map pool on ranked. Not sure how we didn't have permission to edit it before, nor how it was being edited
  • Apparently people could just ban other people on anax. Fixed that
  • Looked at getting some proxies set up, to help people who have inconsistent ping. Shiny told me how, but I couldn't figure it out
  • Investigated why a ranked server was broken. Shiny figured this one out too — a game of playground had been running for 1 hour that everyone had left
  • Deployed an update for Siege so that gapples & arrows don't drop (thanks Ant for doing the hard work of actually fixing it)
  • Helped a few people change their ranked accounts
  • Talked to mods about /mute and how it is broken, sometimes.
  • Had a secret meeting about a secret (U) thing. We actually worked on the thing during the meeting and made a lot more progress than I was expecting. I'm excited for when this isn't a secret!
  • Talked in #feedback for a while. I was more grumpy at the start than I should have been, on account of the fact I had just woken up, but honestly there were some really good ideas in there and I appreciate everyone's feedback.
  • Talked about how we handle mutes, bans, and chat problems, and how we can fix it.
  • Wrote a proposal on how we can handle minecraft chat moderation better.
  • Talked to Shiny briefly about duels.
  • Talked to a new potential dev.
  • Edited some secret (U) config files.
  • Made this thread!

Hey! I meant to take a break today to do my homework, but instead I:

  • Met about a secret project (V).
  • Met about another secret project (U).
  • Did a bit of work on the secret projects (V & U).
  • Met about the tournament.
  • Got a proxy set up! It'll be released soon, and will:
    • Help people with inconsistent ping
    • Pave the way for more proxying goodness
  • Organized a meeting about yet another new secret project. This one isn't very secret, and shouldn't take more than a few days. I'll called it (W).
  • Helped Godzilla with their first big day of ranks. A few minor issues, but overall very smooth!
  • Helped fix some issues on our servers. More fixing remains to be done.
  • Did a few account changes on ranked.
  • Got another message about a new thing I'm not allowed to talk about. I guess we'll call this once (X). I don't mean to keep getting new secrets but I don't really know what to do about it.
  • Talked to Shiny about fixing the post-match stats bug.
  • Talked to Zero_Frosty on anax. Man can he build.
  • I wanted to, but didn't get a chance:
    • Update ViaVersions,
    • Add autodeployment to more servers.

Now, it's almost 5 am, and I really really should start on my homework.

Hey! Took a day and a half off for homework, and now I'm back at it.

  • Secret project (W) didn't work out
  • Luigi talked to me about secret project (U)
  • Fix some issues on the event servers
  • Got autodeployment set up on event1 and event2
  • More ranked name changes
  • Worked on improving how #reports in handled
  • Talked to Conquête about their new season
  • Broke the website
  • Fixed the website
  • Updated some certificates
  • Talked to some folk about UHC
  • Tested out the proxy some more. Might announce it
  • Fiddled around with tournament brackets
  • Briefly talked to mods about mod stuff

I took a bit of a break to catch up on school, but we're back at it.
- Lots of meetings, probably about secret projects. It's been a while, so I forgot.
- Made the webpage for match results.
- Worked a bit on the next season.
- Talked about changes to moderation.
- Talked about changes to ranked.
- Helped write a document.
- Got a list of all our rage maps, updated the mixed repo.
- Reset the mixed repo.
- Updated the ranked map pool.
- Wrote some announcement posts.
- Schemed.

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