Streamer Applications

Livestreamers are people who stream on our website, live via twitch, to showcase matches that we're running on official servers during tournaments. Livestreamers are essential to us and the community who are not able to see the matches in game. We encourage livestreamers to co-stream with their friends to help keep conversation fresh, and so nobody misses anything that happens live.
Note: As a streamer, you will be required to use graphic elements (such as an overlay) that we will provide to you.


  • Must be able to use Discord
  • Must be able to stream with good quality

What else we look for:

  • Good commentary
  • Past experience
  • Personable, a good attitude and honesty

If you are interested please send an email to with your subject line as "Livestreamer Application for [your Minecraft name]."

In your email, please include:

  • Minecraft username
  • The language you'll be streaming in
  • Your general availability (let us know if you plan to play in tournaments as well)
  • Links to past livestreams, and your experience
  • Whether you meet the requirements
  • Why you want to be a livestreamer
  • Any other information you want to add
  • Any links to other videos or channels of yours on other platforms (YT)

Livestreamer applications close on August 3rd at 23:59 ET. Any applications sent after this date will be looked at but may not receive a response. We look forward to working with you!


- The Event Staff

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