Personal Servers

A long awaited feature has finally returned - personal servers are back, and better than ever! Running your own PGM server has never been easier: you’ll be able to host your own matches, with over 170 unique maps. As an extra bonus for the release and a thank you for all of your patience, all of Stratus’s donors will be receiving a free server in the upcoming weeks! More information about purchasing a server is included below.

How to get a Personal Server

Head over to and click on Personal Servers to get started! After typing in your username, you will be able to purchase the 30 day Personal Server package. You can then run the command /personal on Stratus, and after a short wait, you will get a message when your personal server is ready. Run /personal again to join, and you’re free to do whatever you like!

Launch Promotion — $4.99 this month only!

After July, the normal price will be $9.99/month, so get your personal server now!

Free Servers for Donors!

To thank our donors and celebrate the long awaited release, our Strato, Alto, and Cirro players will be gifted with a free personal server for 1, 2, or 3 weeks respectively!

Useful Owner Commands

PGM Commands

/start <time> - Start the current match in <time> seconds

/setnext <map name> - Set the next map to be played

/cycle <time> - Cycle to the next map in <time> seconds

/end - End the current match

/cancel - Cancel the current countdown

/nm - View the next map

Management Commands

/minecraft:kick <username> - Kick somebody off your server

/minecraft:ban <username> - Ban somebody from your server

/minecraft:pardon <username> - Unban somebody from your server

/whitelist on - Turn on a whitelist to limit who can join your server

/whitelist off - Turn off the whitelist so anybody can join

/whitelist add <username> - Add somebody to your whitelist

/stop - Stop the server. (Your server will automatically stop when it’s inactive, so you don’t need to run this command.)


How long does it take me to get my personal server after purchasing it?

At the moment, personal servers are manually given by a staff member. We’re working on automating this process, which will be ready very soon.

After creating my personal server with /personal, how long does it take to come online?

Personal servers are now created entirely from scratch. The whole process takes roughly 2 to 2.5 minutes from the moment you run the command. You will get the message “Your Personal Server is now online!” in chat when you can join your server.

How long can I use my personal server for?

From the moment you buy your rank until it expires, you can freely run /personal at any time. The server will stay online as long as you are active on it. After 5 minutes of inactivity, you will be moved to the lobby server. If nobody is online for 5 minutes, the server will turn off.

Can I give somebody else extra permissions on my server?

At the moment, only the server owner has permission to run commands; however, a Manager system is being developed to allow the owner to promote and grant other players extra permissions.

What happens if I had an old private server, but lost access to it before it was closed?

A small number of people who bought an old private server didn’t get the amount of time they paid for. On Stratus’s behalf, we are truly sorry for this major inconvenience. To compensate, we will give you the full month that you purchased, plus an extra month.

When, exactly, do the free personal servers run out?

Free Strato servers run out July 18th at 10 pm ET.

Free Alto servers run out July 25th at 10 pm ET.

Free Cirro servers run out August 1st at 10 pm ET.

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