Friday Forums Update #1: pings & stuff

Hey everyone!

This is the first Friday forums update. Hopefully it's the first of many, but keeping track of the weekdays is hard.

After the initial forums release and ranked, I needed a break, so there's only a couple of small, but important, changes this week.

Small Changes

  • Stopped sending discord API requests every few seconds. Discord was angry & needs space. This should speed up the website slightly.
  • Add shorter reply URLs. Now you can link to a reply like[postID]. Don't know why you'd want to, but you can.
  • Tell people when they've registered successfully. Instead of just mysteriously redirecting to the homepage. Sorry.
  • Highlight any time you're pinged in green. You're special and you deserve it.
  • Some internal stuff. Don't worry about it.

Stay logged in forever

You know how you used to need to log in like every half hour? No longer — once you're logged in you never need to log in again.

There's no "remember me" checkbox because why wouldn't we remember you? If you want to log out, just log out. It's not that hard.

Ping people to send them alerts

Now, when you ping your friends, they'll get an alert on the website. Go ahead and try it below!

Don't have any friends? Don't worry, I understand. You can ping yourself and get an alert for that too. halfmaster1 .

mitchiii  I figured out how to do the thing

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