Ranked Mapmaking Guide

So you want to make a Ranked map


Ranked needs new maps, but making maps is hard. We're here to try to make is as easy as possible.

If you ever need help, you can always DM me (discord: Half#6583) or ask the community!

Building your map

Anax, our map making server

You can make maps on our map making server, Anax.

Connect to, create your world with /create world-name, and join it with /map world-name.

You can read about other commands on Anax in our guide.


Most Ranked maps are KotH (King of the Hill) or CTF (Capture the Flag), so these are your safest choices.

Other game modes are less likely to be accepted. CTW, 5CP, and KotF are very difficult to make well.

Gamemode specific map guides:
- Ranked KOTH mapmaking guide (coming soon)
- Ranked CTF mapmaking guide (coming soon)


Most maps are made in 3 stages:
- Mini model
- Full-sized layout
- Final map

It's important to get feedback at each stage. It's a lot easier to fix a layout problem in a mini model than a finished map.

Testing your map

Submitting maps

Once your map is done, DM me on discord (Half#6583). I'll have a look at it then load it onto the servers.

Map testing

Occasionally, we'll ping the Map Tester role in the Ranked Discord, and have 5v5 matches on new maps. If you want the Map Tester role, react to the announcement in the ranked discord, or DM me (Half#6583).

Revising your map

After we've played your map, people will likely have some feedback about your map. Don't be discouraged — the first version of a map is never great. We can edit it, make updates, and keep testing until it is good enough.

dtc 5v5 maps, like nea archi

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