birthday ama! sarah/aelous/catluvr44

ssup stratus network

im sarah, i kinda do product team stuff and reffed + streamed a few times, been around for a few years/a little back in ocn, tried quitting once and it didnt work (embarrasssing)

i also have a cool dog, in the past ive been aelousslayer, catluvr44, halfmaster3, cowluvr44, and now aelous :-))

ask me (almost) anything!

favorite kind of taco?


  chipotle. hard corn shell, white rice, black beans, tomato salsa, lettuce, vegan mozzarella cheese, sofritas/tofu; not picky about my tacos but salsa is better than guac

thanks for the vegan tacos!

ohhhh SUP AelousSlayer

thoughts on phantom orion?

logan lerman or jon ossof (there is a correct answer)

uhhhh whats ur favorite disney movie


bye queen! (kam 2021)

hi miss rictusempra  i love u with all my heart and i hope i see u and dana soon <3

i'm love phantom orion he is just so frreaking cool and i cant wait to open our bakery. so epic and one of my favorite people to talk to

physical attractiveness logan lerman, emotionally jon ossoff... i know ur answer is logan lerman but progressive leftist men who KNOW public speaking and good policy are so hard to come by let me simp

mulan, not the live version but the original

you're my best friend in the world and i'm so freaking lucky to have you in my life. i genuinely have no clue what i would do without you, thank you for being my literal sister!!! i can go to u with anything from stupid facebook memes to actual serious conversations and i am gonna be forever grateful that this silly block game brought us together even if it was just building houses and running girls club...MWAH

bye queen! (kam 4evr)

pic of your favorite cow

Will you be encouraging Hailey to one day go to college or will she forever live at home?

What is your favorite type of flower?

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