I made the forums AMA — halfmaster1

Hey! I'm half & I made the forums.

I'd introduce myself more thoroughly but I don't want to give any spoilers.

Ask me anything!

half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sup

serendipidU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sup!

hello half!! aka tapeworm boy and my best friend!

  • what is your opinion on hailey
  • will you be able to pick me up across the canadian border in 17 days?
  • thoughts on strawberries?
  • thoughts on cows?
  • thoughts on tapeworms?
  • if we do another smp next year, house together? (the doorbell!!!!!! + mini putt)
  • thoughts on math?
  • how many jolly ranchers do you consume, on average, on a yearly basis? same question regarding chocolate chip cookies. work would be appreciated.
  • which of the pokémon music compilations is your favorite
  • which pokemon do you wish you could be
  • name ideas for our bakery?
  • can we play doubles sometime?

thank you for being so cool and so epic, the world would be better if there were more halfmasters in it

sincerely halfmaster 3

hello aelous !

  • hailey is fantastic! she will succeed in her life and career
  • yes
  • they are ok
  • they are wonderful
  • they are cool
  • absolutely!
  • it's cool but there's too much of it. they should have stopped with linear algebra, but that's how it is with sequels.
  • I haven't been eating jolly ranchers for a year yet — I started back in February. I ate them a lot faster to begin with, but currently I eat around 5 a day which would get me to 1500 or so per year. Back when I was first eating them, I ate around 20 a day, which would put me at 6000 a year. Chocolate chip cookies are more variable, lately I eat 15 in a day, but only once or twice a week. When I bake cookies the cookies are much bigger than the prepackaged one, but I eat them more consistently so I still run around 30 a week. Probably 1/3 of the year I don't have cookies available, so that would put me at 1000 cookies a year.
  • I didn't realize there were multiple compilations I thought there was just one big one
  • snom
  • Phantom's Turtle Bakery
  • absolutely

how long did it take to make the forum


  I think you're almost as cool as PhantomOrion 



Looking at the log of things that I've done, I installed the package than renders forum posts on Tuesday, October 29th, at 6:26 pm. So about a year and a month, which was a lot longer than I was hoping. To be fair, a lot of the intervening time was spent on school or other bits of the website. A very rough estimate of the amount of time I spent actually typing code for the forums is ~100 hours.

good work on the forum

Do you think Hailey will still be living at home in 10 years or that she will be working as a professional in a booming field?

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