Uncombine stratus discord mutes & queue bans.

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I've had this issue a lot. Earlier today I was muted for pinging managers expressing the fact that servers were down. This was obviously a false mute since the reasoning given for my mute was "you've been told not to do this before!" even though my last warning on this topic was in November of last year. 7 months ago. Despite this clearly being a false mute, one of the admins on stratus simply said no, and only I and ShyChen (Shyguy) have this issue so it's our fault. And apparently my mute is one day... right? No big deal... (aside from the fact it's false), it's actually until the end of the season which is in 1 day, and now I can't grind for all stars. The timing of the mute couldn't have been more suspicious. Almost impossible for the administrator to mute me and not know I was unable to queue for the next 5 days. However this isn't quite the topic of my forum post. When I got "muted" in the stratus discord, I was also banned from queueing stratus. The admin said "right now we are combining mutes and queue bans." Clearly you see the problem here. Queue bans and mutes have no right being combined and it makes absolutely no sense. Mutes are for people who shouldnt be talking, queue bans are for people who shouldnt be queueing. Lets say you get queue banned. Should you be stopped from talking? If you're muted, should you be stopped from queueing? No. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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