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After a bunch of hard work from the devs, UHC is finally coming to Stratus! This will be the first gamemode we will be releasing that will be separate from Project Ares (however we're still using PGM to run it).


Before mentioning anything else, it's important to preface that these first few public games will be a BETA. This means that unexpected bugs may occur while playing. While there has been a ton of internal testing for bug fixes, these were only done with small groups (up to 15 players). If there are any bugs that you find while playing, please report them on our github issue tracker. If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to post them in the feedback thread. Once we are satisfied with how the UHC's run, it will be released as version 1.0.


There are several features that were added to make UHC as enjoyable as possible:

Rejoining: If you are disconnected from a match, don't worry! You have 4 relogs/a total (between all relogs) of 3 minutes you can be offline. However, if you rejoin more than 4 times or offline for longer than 3 minutes you will die and all of your equipment will be put in a chest where you die.

Borders: Custom world borders will be used during UHC. The borders consist of a 3 tall bedrock wall that surrounds the playing field. If you get too close to it, red stained glass will also appear above and below to display where the region ends. If the border shrinks while you're still in it, you will be teleported relative to how far you were before it shrank. Alerts will appear in chat periodically to remind you when the border is going to be shrinking.

Golden Heads: When a player dies, their head will spawn on a fence that can be crafted into a golden head (like a golden apple with a head instead).

Scoreboard: The UHC scoreboard will display the time that has passed, the amount of kills you have gotten, the amount of players left, and the size of the border.

Vanilla+: For all UHC's that we host, Vanilla+ will be the default. This scenario doubles the chances of apples dropping from leaves and flint dropping from gravel.

Custom world generation: Jungle and ocean biomes have been removed from generation and have been replaced with plains. Dungeon spawn rates have also been increased.

Grace period: At the beginning of the match, players will be given a 10 minute grace period where they can not interact with other players. There will also be a final heal after 5 minutes.

Upcoming Features

While these features won't be ready for the beta, we hope to implement them for the official release:

Scenarios: In the future, the devs will be working on different scenarios and implementing them similar to how mutations are handled. This will allow UHC Hosts to smoothly enable/disable them.

More customized worlds: Tweaks like increasing cave generation, editing ore spawns and changing the world height will be considered.

Teams: Being able to play 2, 3 and 4 team matches using a party system.

Stats: For the beta, no stats will be tracked. Once UHC is officially released, we plan to track kills and UHC wins which would be displayed on a player profiles and on a UHC leaderboard.


At the time being, UHC matches will be hosted once or twice a week, either on Saturday or Sunday (or sometimes both). We will announce the match times beforehand and open up player joining half an hour before for premium users and 15 minutes for non-premium.


These rules only apply to UHC matches and will be enforced during the beta, however, no punishments will be given (if you break network-wide rules, you will still be punished accordingly):

No strip mining: You are not allowed to strip mine below y=32 unless you are following a noise. You are allowed to rollercoaster (staircasing from y=32 to y=0 then back up).

Pillaring: No pillaring in a 50 block radius of 0,0.

Hiding: Once the border shrinks to a 50 block radius, you are not allowed to hide (you must engage in combat).

iPVP: Attacking another player with lava, flint n steel, etc. is not allowed during the grace period.

Since UHC was released almost a month ago, there have been a ton of updates to the gamemode. I will use this post to list all of the important ones:

UHC can now run team matches. When on a team, your teammates will display on the tab list until you or they die. Team kills are also calculated and displayed on the scoreboard.
In order to invite someone to your team, join the match and type /team invite <username>. To accept an invitation, type /team accept <username>. If you are not paired with someone before the match starts, you will be paired with someone else who isn't on a team.

- ores are auto smelted, food is auto cooked, flint is 100% drop rate
- no hostile or passive mobs will spawn
- spawns with: 30 cooked beef, 16 feathers, 3 leather, 3 string
- first person to craft an item takes a single heart of damage
- walk through a door to get teleported to another door that was placed randomly on the map
- take 1/2 heart of damage every 30 seconds below y=100 after a specified time
- death loot drops in a chest that explodes after 30 seconds

/health <username> (or /h) displays the health of the player specified
/border lists what times the border will shrink and what they will shrink to
/teams <username> lists the teammates for the specified player, leaving it blank will list all teams
/uhc is now an alias to /map which lists the rules, scenarios and other misc facts about the match
/pmcoords (or /pmc or /pc) sends your coordinates to your teammates

- whitelist kicks on death now
- lag has been drastically reduced
- kill counter isn't broken in observers
- combat logging deaths drop loot now
- damage from scenarios takes absorption into account now
- teammates show on scoreboard now instead of scenarios (use /uhc instead)
- you will be automatically assigned teammates if you are solo(edited)

can i ask for the reasoning of this? is this to expand the network to a wider playerbase? i mean what are the intentions because in my opinion i think you guys should focus on mastering pgm to its full potential because there could be networks who do uhc better than you, but i would like to hear why you did this

Nobody could have thought this would happen lol

ok im coming back for this

one of my favorite gamemodes coming to my favorite server that's something to be excited about

I wanna see how this turns out

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

lvan 9 months ago

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can i ask for the reasoning of this? is this to expand the network to a wider playerbase? i mean what are the intentions because in my opinion i think you guys should focus on mastering pgm to its full potential because there could be networks who do uhc better than you, but i would like to hear why you did this

Xuph 9 months ago

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Will stats be integrated onto profiles? Not just wins but to the depth of Badlion UHC, potentially.

I actually think this has a chance of being successful unlike Payload. I’m wondering how his is gonna turn out.

Why not fully focus on the unique gamemodes you have to offer as xuph said mastering what makes you different is way better than trying something with UHC when there are servers like Hypixel, etc that already have all the playerbase, to be honest I don't think this is a bad idea but I would love you guys pay more atention and try HARDER to improve the competitive side of pgm (everything) and then move on and expand the network, it seems like you want to attrack people to pgm using other gamemode but then the new people will reject project ares gamemodes because of how shit it feels to play right now