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Hi all,

The fast-developing marketing team and myself have adjusted the Content Creator requirements to be more accessible to smaller community creators, while ensuring that the content that's being produced is still as awesome as possible.

If you'd like to apply for content creator, please do so here!

Here are the new requirements:

Content Creator (YouTube)

  • At least 100 Subscribers
  • Roughly 100 views per Stratus video
  • One previously made recent Stratus video
  • All Stratus videos must include the word "Stratus" in the title
  • All Stratus videos must link the main server ip ( in the description

Content Creator (Twitch)

  • At least 100 Followers
  • Roughly 1,000 global views
  • At least one previous recent Stratus livestream. Streams must be archived so they are visible for us to verify
  • Any Stratus stream must include the word "Stratus" in the title
  • Any Stratus stream must have the main server ip ( visible somewhere on screen

Beyond this, the rank is granted based on content quality. We keep in contact with Content Creators for opportunities within our network. Those who are extremely inactive may have their rank revoked.

We're hoping that with this change we open the doors to more individuals, and we'd like to work with creators to get our awesome gamemodes out into the world. We have a bunch of ideas for this, so stay tuned!

A small update to the Content Creator rank:

We've re-added the clause requiring creators to actively be producing at least one Stratus video/livestream per month. All applications from now on will be treated as such, current content creators have a 14 day time period within which to upload a video/host a livestream if they no longer meet the requirements.

sup guys its me itscal

sup guys its me itscal

Calluhm 10 months ago

sup itscal its your friend mench here

can u lower sub count i only hjave 30

Remove the perm to slash nick

Remove the perm to slash nick

Hypetastic 6 months ago

no i need to be zaquez3 in game

can u lower sub count i only hjave 30

weaboo511 6 months ago

Dm your channel and I will subscribe :D