Applications Stratus Network

Preface your threads with the following:

  • [DEV] for Developer
  • [IF] for Internet Famous
  • [CC] for Content Creator

Example: [IF] amactus

Application/rank requirements


In your application, make sure you include key information about yourself, information about your devlopment history (when you started, experience in each languages, etc.), your resume and any work examples we can see - these can be public or any private projects that you are confident in us seeing. Any work sent will not be redistributed or given to anybody beyond our administration and senior development team.

Plugin Developer

  • Java and Bukkit API Experience
  • MongoDB Experience
  • Git & Maven Experience
  • Kubernetes Experience Recommended

Web Developer

  • Rails Experience
  • HTML and HAML Experience
  • CSS Experience
  • MongoDB Experience
  • Git Experience
  • Kubernetes Experience Recommended

Content Creator (YouTube)

  • At least 200 Subscribers
  • At least 150 views per Stratus video
  • At least 2 Stratus videos per month
  • All Stratus videos must include the word "Stratus" in the title
  • All Stratus videos must link the main server ip ( in the description

Content Creator (Twitch)

  • At least 200 Followers
  • At least 1,500 global views
  • At least 2 Stratus streams per month. Streams must be archived so they are visible for us to verify
  • Any Stratus stream must include the word "Stratus" in the title
  • Any Stratus stream must have the main server ip ( visible somewhere on screen

Internet Famous

  • Over 10k Followers/Subscribers (This can be on any service, i.e. Twitter)
  • No content that breaks any Stratus Network rules

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