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Hi I joined OCN about 5 years ago when I saw this video: I mostly played Blitz Rage and remember getting destroyed by Cinco.

I played off-an-on, and started playing a lot more right before the first shutdown. My first team was Hommies With Extra Chromes which I played for the last tournament, but only Ref and I showed up lol. Now I'm on the Rubber Ducks muscle . Ask me anything, and expect a real response.

RIP weaboo511 :,(

opinion as a person

opinion as a player

favorite player from walrus

favorite player from rubber ducks

thoughts on stratus competitive

opinion as a person

opinion as a player

favorite player from walrus

favorite player from rubber ducks

thoughts on stratus competitive

animeloverKOREAN 6 months ago

opinion as a person

You are a pretty cool dude. When I first met you on badlion you were a mega squeaker but you have gotten a lot better in that regard. Pretty funny too, especially with rockaror's car crash.

opinion as a player

You're pretty good, but a bit overrated. Good at sword but bow could use some work. The best way to improve, in my opinion, would be to take some "tips" from higher-skilled players such as PhantomOrion. I'm also not entirely sure how well you would do in objective-oriented gamemodes like CTW/DTC because you only play conquest.

favorite player from walrus

Probably Chenay/NLtwan321/you

favorite player from rubber ducks


thoughts on stratus competitive

Despite all of the negative feedback, I really enjoy the tournaments--they are really fun to play in. What stratus really needs now is a PUG system or ranked mode. I think they could grow their competitive scene a lot as well.


opinio as player

where does your name come from?

fav map?

fav rage map?


That’s strange I don’t remember you from anywhere except here

How has stratus been suiting you?

Opinion on the Duckies?

Opinion on Walrus?

Beef Taquitos or Chicken Taquitos?


Best rage player?

Favorite map? Favorite gamemode?

If you could organize an event, what would it be?

Hit me with that opinion

  • Favorite type of cookie?

  • Who do you think is the funniest person on Stratus?

  • Least favorite color?

  • Least favorite fruit?

  • Cats or dogs?

  • Squirrels or chipmunks?

  • What are you most looking forward to in Stratus in the future?

  • Favorite band?

  • Opinion on Notch because why not

  • Opinion on me if you have one

Opinion as a person?

Opinion as a player?

Opinion? Do you remember our Bedwars matches in Badlion :P ?

Opinions (player and person)

You play any games other than minecraft?

Opinion as a person and player

opinion on walrus

opinion on ducks

opinion on travis

Top 3 players on walrus

Top 3 players on ducks

(players=pvpers aswell)

Top 5 players/pvpers on stratus

How long do you plan on staying on this server

Opinion on yourself as a player/pvper and how you can improve/what youre already good at.

opinion as a player

wanna play fortnite

UnbanGordin 6 months ago

can weaboo play too

opinion as a person

opinion as a player

Favorite moment in the last tournament?

Give me all of your criticism, I can take it.

Fav food?

When is your birthday so I can get you that rank?

Favorite gamemode?

Who is your best friend on stratus?

How are your college apps going?

what are you planning on majoring in?

Do you think you will quit Minecraft anytime soon? If so, for another game or to move on with life?

Opinion on me

Opinion on my map making attempts

Opinion on stratus and the way they are doing competitive/what the future might be like. Basically what do you think competitive is like right now and is that good/bad/sustainable etc.

Opinion on ducks

Do you think ducks has potential to get better, or do you think we pretty much have peaked.

How long are you planning to stay with ducks?

Most underrated player on stratus?

Is there anything you think I can do better as a leader?


How'd you join Rubber Dux?


Would you like to see more RAGE tournaments?

Ping to stratus?


DosDeMayo or thedragon455?