[TDM Rage]ConeRage

This is a map with 4 teams with 10 players each. The objective is to get as many kills as possible in 10 minutes.

Here is the map showcase:

Some specific decisions I made when building the map were making it vertical and making it 4 teams.

Special features required are:

-Jump Pads (The center one boosting you very high)(The White Glass pads are jump boosts)

-4 Teams

-Night Vision

Download Link:

edit: I fixed the xml file

edit 2: I fixed the lack of cover as well

Dude, you're missing like all your XML. All you have is the map name & authors.

Really? I asked how to make a proper XML file in discord but no one answered me so I assumed that the template for the file was just that. What do I need to add to the file to make it work for submitting?

Actually, I found the documentation, it wasn't linked on the map submissions page

Certain parts of the map (like the inside and outside ring) look pretty bare and may need some cover. Just my opinion though.

Yeah like Lucas said, parts of the map are pretty empty. Maybe add some barriers or structures or something, so it isn't just the flat ground with no cover.

ok I'll do that

edit: what I thought would be an easy fix to the map turned to absolute pain when I realized that my outer ring was slightly off, and I had to fix it. That happened because I made all of my circles by hand.

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