What is your Minecraft eDPI?

DISCLAIMER: This is not an accurate way of calculating global sensitivity. (Read Deltuh’s explanation on page 3.)

eDPI is your DPI x your in-game sens, it's used a lot in other games as a global way of expressing how quickly you move your mouse. I was curious to find out some people's eDPIs as I don't think there's really a precedent for Minecraft sens, I'm assuming more people will have a faster sens, just because it's a more casual game. I would also recommend that you put your Minecraft sens in decimal form instead of percent form so it's a smaller number.

My eDPI: 280

800 DPI x 0.35 (35% MC sens)

Let's see those eDPIs!

280 when divided by 0.7 mc sens @ 400 dpi

I use 800dpi but i'm running a bluetooth mouse which sometimes doubles my edpi. Calculating for the uncertainty, my edpi should be 500, but only when I'm not using my wireless headphones to play

800 dpi x 50% IG sens: 400 eDPI

800 dpi (?) 25 in-game


how do i check dpi on my track pad


which is 10in(25.4cm) for a 360

400 dpi on my mouse and 73.905444‬% in game

1800 dpi, 100% in game, 5/8 mouse accel, and no one could beat me in a 1v1

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