OA Ideas and Suggestions Thread

The community has a lot of genuinely good ideas, which often get lost in discord on the forums. Considering that OA is going to be huge for Stratus, it seems only fair that we ask the players:

What features would you most like to see in Operation Ares?

I would also expect suggestion threads to be a more common occurrence, as the staff are very interested in what the community has to say, and posts like these are a good way of finding out.

More donator perks/ in game flair like arrow trails, badges, team tags during tournaments, blood particle effects, kill sound effects, death sound effects, minor particle effects

Of course you can toggle them off for competitive or whatever but at least something to spice things up and make things more colorful, especially since all donator badge/stars are monochromatic

Donator perks I totally agree, I can see arrow trails getting really annoying, idk what badges mean so could you clarify that? Also, team tags are a good idea, and blood is already a thing with /toggle blood. Kill sound effects, death sound effects, minor particle effects all seem really interesting, but could you elaborate on what these sounds would be?


Make Elo Ranged queues - rn the current system is kinda fucked since there’s always a new player with 0 elo with 9 others above 300+ elo, kinda annoying to get the new player in your team since they don’t know what to do.

just make 100 elos queue 100 elos, 700s queue 700s, ETC

this is what badlion did for the system on Arena I you had the option to always queue within your elo range.

Arrow trails don’t have to be crazy, like maybe just a multi color straight line or special effect that’s not too heavy. Badges would be like little symbols appearing next to your name in game or on the forums, like an orange star or a yellow omega sign.
With blood I meant like different kinds or colors, like blue blood or something. Kill sounds can be like the anvil dropping sound or a dying zombie sound, death sounds could be like a dying enderman or something among those likes, I’m sure you get the idea. Everything listed can be purchased using an in game currency similar to droplets, however some of them are only purchasable by donors, and even cirro only cosmetics.

Edit: it’ll also be cool to have some kind of “titles” system, in which you can view a player’s achievements in game or something.

One feature I would love is a more proper achievements system and viewer for the website. I have no idea what the three achievements I got are about at all really, because the descriptions of two of them aren’t too great. I also have no idea if those three achievments are the only ones or if there’s more because there’s no indication of any of this.

A map voting system like the ones many esport games use on casual modes would be beneficial as well, as it doesn’t force the community to play maps they don’t want. I have an idea for a map voting system:
Split the map pool for that gamemode into 4 different groups ranging from popular no not popular. It will be initially based on the ratings that we are giving them now under PGM. Then, get the lowest scoring from each of the 4 groups and put them up for vote. Whichever map wins gets one point. Repeat this cycle, with the map options eventually being based off of the new votes rather than the old ones. If this is hard to code in then it can be pretty low priority.

Also more benefits for premium. I agree with cosmetics, and I feel that as an premium I deserve more than just a small * behind my name when flexing my higher social status upon the masses.

I'd like to see lucaslyoko demodded in oa

Playerbase is way to small to segregate the new players from the experienced ones.

introduce mutes and unban players who were banned for harassment, threats etc. if they appeal during OA

Haha. Banned players aren’t allowed opinions...

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