Announcing Stratus Science Innovators

Thanks Scorpioon  for the banner!

We are very excited to announce our 9th tournament: Stratus Science Innovators! This will be an 8v8 Event with Mixed Gamemodes (CTW, DTM, Conquest).

Team Information

Teams must have a minimum of 10 players registered on their roster with a maximum of 15 and must field a minimum of 6 out of 8 players in official matches.
Make sure your entire team has joined the Events Discord.


  • Capture the Wool (CTW) is a gamemode in which two teams must each defend their own wools while trying to capture the enemy’s wools.
  • Destroy the Monument (DTM), thanks to the prevalence of TNT in it, features various strategies for each team to destroy a monument (usually a small number of blocks) before the enemy destroys their own, which they must defend.
  • Conquest is a group of more PvP heavy gamemodes, with little to no block interaction, which includes Capture the Flag (CTF), 5 Capture Points (5CP), King of the Flag (KotF) and King of the Hill (KotH).

Teams are expected to be ready for their matches 15 minutes before their start time, and will not be given more than 5 minutes to get ready with the /events ready command after being told to do so. Officials will not delay a match regardless of whether a team is ready or not.


The tournament will start on the weekend of the 8th of August. Information on the specific formatting will come later. Depending on the number of teams and community input, it will either last two weeks (ending on the 16th of August) or three weeks (ending on the 23rd of August).


To register your team for this event, you must have a Google and Discord account. Please use this Google form to register your team, and join our tournament discord which will be used for communications.

If you do not have a team and wish to solo-register, please do so here; as in our previous events, we will be setting up Wild Card Teams and will do our best to organize solo-registered players together appropriately!


After over a month thus far of playtesting and updates, we have finalized 11 maps. This tournament’s map pool will feature 3 CTW maps, 3 DTM maps, and 5 Conquest maps. You may view the map pool here.

Scrimmage Servers

The team leader of each registered team will be given a scrimmage server. These servers will be limited vs. our personal servers (server size capped at 20 players, only maps being played in the tournament will be loaded), however, will last until the end of the tournament.

Scrimmages can also be hosted on our free event servers or purchasable personal servers. You can look for a scrim by typing in the #looking-for-scrim channel in our Events Discord, or purchase a personal server at


All teams must have at least one player who is fluent in English. Furthermore, teams must stay in their Discord channel while playing; other voice communication services are not allowed. Keep in mind that by being on a roster for a team in the tournament, you are agreeing to be subject to our tournament rules. Links to the ruleset can be found below:

English rules

Spanish rules


Like previous tournaments we will use screensharing as a way to detect cheaters, we’ll also be using 3rd party tools. By registering for this tournament, you also agree to being screenshared by us using our tools if requested. Please consult our full length screenshare policy at This tournament will also utilise our anti-cheat, this will be used to better help us find cheaters.


  • Registration Opens: Now
  • Registration Closes: Wednesday, 5 August at 4:00 pm EDT
  • Teams Confirmed: Thursday, 6 August
  • Format Announcement: Thursday, 6 August
  • Tournament Begins: Saturday, 8 August at 11:00 am EDT

Prize Pool

This one has been in planning for a while; for the first time ever, a Stratus tournament will have a prize pool!

This prize pool will be facilitated through our buycraft on the prize pool tab. With this prize pool, we have a few ranks to incentivize donations. You may also donate a variable amount on the Prize Pool page. Find more information on these perks below:

Stratus Science Innovators Tournament Ranks
Blue Portal (15 USD)
  • Custom blue portal flair in-game
  • Lasts until the end of the tournament
  • Join full teams
  • Choose your team
Orange Portal (15 USD)
  • Custom orange portal flair in-game
  • Lasts until the end of the tournament
  • Join full teams
  • Choose your team
Cake (50 USD)
  • Custom cake flair in-game
  • Lasts until the next tournament is announced
  • Join full teams
  • Choose your team

Any purchase of these ranks will go 100 percent towards the Prize Pool. Stratus will also be donating a portion of personal server and regular rank sales during the Tournament towards the pool. The prize pool is open from now until the Grand Finals Match. Information on distribution will be announced at a later date. If we don’t reach a large prize pool, we reserve the right to carry it over to the next tournament.

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